March 8, 2022

Introducing Seva for Slack And An Important New Partnership

Written by:
Sanjay Jain

Today, the team at Seva is thrilled to announce the release of Seva for Slack, our enterprise product that brings powerful unified search, content management, and collaboration capabilities right into the world’s leading messaging app.  We’re also pleased to announce that Seva has joined the Slack partner ecosystem as a platform partner, helping our customers get the most out of their Slack experiences and investments.

It’s no secret that modern teams continue to bring more of their day to day workflows into Slack. What started as a simple communication tool has evolved into a central hub for business where video meetings are scheduled, IT tickets are created, documents are shared, and so much more.

Importantly, it’s evolved into a destination many teams go to find and share valuable knowledge with their peers in real-time, as work happens. So it’s not surprising that customers have asked us to bring our powerful web-based unified search, content management, and collaboration capabilities into Slack, instantly activating all the knowledge teams rely on everyday.

Seva for Slack enables knowledge management in real-time, helping teams dramatically accelerate content discovery and sharing across teams, while eliminating the heavy cost of frequent context switching across applications.

Seva for Slack

With Seva for Slack, customers can do the following from the desktop app and on mobile:

  • Instantly search and share knowledge across content sources including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and more.  (Seva searches content inside of all files including PDFs, DOCs, PPTs - not just titles)
  • Browse and filter through curated content libraries with Topics and Tags using slash commands and Slack’s recently updated App Home.
  • Receive real-time Topic update notifications when new content is created, shared, or updated.  
  • Get rich, actionable content attribution analytics on searches conducted, search results, content shares, clicks, and more.

We’re incredibly excited to bring this new product and partnership to the world, providing the simplest and most robust way to discover and share knowledge with your team.  For more information or to request a demo, visit us at or email us at

- Sanjay

Founder & CEO

About Seva

Based in New York City, Seva’s platform helps companies improve enterprise search and content management for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams. Investors of Seva include Avalon Ventures, Bessemer Ventures,, and co-founder and CEO of Datadog Olivier Pomel.